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How It Works

1 Sync Your Suppliers

Link your web accounts with all major veterinary suppliers. Your special and GPO pricing is fully supported, and prices always match your suppliers' websites.

2 Search for Products

Search all supplier catalogs at once to find the best products. We’re the industry’s largest catalog, with added pictures, descriptions, and popularity stats.

3 Compare Pricing & Stock

See pricing, availability, and promotions in real time from all suppliers, customized for your clinic.

4 Add to Carts & Checkout

Add items to your supplier carts, and manage all carts from one page. When you’re ready, complete checkout.

Over 1,500 veterinary clinics trust Vetcove

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Reduction in order time

The amount of time we save ordering is priceless. Price shopping, sourcing backordered products, reviewing previous purchases, and highlighting promotions, all in one easy to use site!

- Rehm Animal Clinic

No more phone calls, no individually checking separate websites, no wasted time. Just punch in the name of the medication and all answers are at your fingertips!

- Animal Medical Clinic of Wheaton


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vetcove compatible with my suppliers?

Vetcove supports all major veterinary distributors in the United States, as well as an increasing number of manufacturers direct, compounding pharmacies, and diagnostic laboratories. You’ll be able to see which accounts you can sync once you sign up. If you have questions, email us at team@vetcove.com, or chat with us using the chat bubble at the bottom-right of our website.

Will I get my special or GPO pricing?

Vetcove fully supports all special pricing, including buying group deals and special pricing provided by your representatives. So long as your special pricing is available on a supplier’s website for online purchasing, it will also be available within Vetcove.

Is Vetcove a distributor? Is it a buying group?

Vetcove is neither a distributor, nor a buying group. We don’t buy and resell products, and we don’t negotiate deals on behalf of our members. Vetcove is a purchasing platform that helps clinics order smarter and easier from the suppliers they already use, using the deals they obtain from those suppliers.

How does Vetcove earn money?

In the future, Vetcove will be supported by paid features made available to our power users that want to further optimize their ordering. The core Vetcove platform is completely free, and no clinic will ever have to pay to use our service.

Do I have to change who I order from?

Of course not! Vetcove is a purchasing tool that helps clinics save time and order from the right supplier among those they already use. You can still order from the suppliers you know and trust, with the same pricing, deals, and support you’re used to. Your representatives will not be impacted at all. Once you start using Vetcove and have all information at your fingertips, whether you decide to make any changes to your purchasing habits is up to you.

Do I have to sync my supplier accounts to use Vetcove?

Yes, you do. Suppliers charge different prices to each clinic, even for the exact same items. In veterinary purchasing, aside from some products manufacturers demand fixed prices for, there is no such thing as a standard price. What you pay for a given item is selected by your representative, and may be much higher or lower than the clinic down the street. By syncing your supplier accounts, you’ll be able to see your clinic’s own unique prices while using Vetcove.

Hospital Inventory Managers

If you’re an experienced purchaser, you’re going to love Vetcove. One website for research and purchasing helps you do your job better every day. Your days of juggling dozens of supplier websites are history!

Vets, Techs, & Staff who handle purchasing

Ordering supplies is a chore. Vetcove cuts your ordering time in half and makes price shopping automatic, which means getting back to what you do best—helping your patients!

Watch a 90 second video of how Vetcove works:

Notice: Supplier names, products, and prices are fictitious and for demonstration purposes. When you create an account, you will see your suppliers, the products they carry, and your own prices.

Vetcove goes beyond just

distributors. Buy from all

of your sources in one place.


All major distributors across the United States are supported to serve your day-to-day supply needs.


See images, descriptions, videos, and studies, and get questions answered directly from the source.


When items aren’t manufactured to serve a patient’s needs, compounded formulations are incredibly useful.

Diagnostic Labs

Find and compare the best routine and specialty diagnostic lab tests across providers.

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