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About Vetcove

Who can access Vetcove?
Is Vetcove a distributor of veterinary products?
Is Vetcove a buying group? Does it make deals with manufacturers and/or suppliers?
Why do I need to connect my supplier accounts to make the most of Vetcove?
Will Vetcove ever charge veterinary clinics to use Vetcove?
How is it possible that Vetcove has the largest catalog in the animal health industry?
What is Vetcove?
Is my special or negotiated pricing from my reps supported?
Do I have to change my suppliers? Are my reps affected?
Will I get my purchasing/buying group (GPO) pricing through Vetcove?

Getting Started with Vetcove

How do I get started using Vetcove?
How do I get pricing and availability to appear from my suppliers?
Is it safe to enter login credentials from my suppliers on the Vetcove site?
How long does signup take? What info do I need to sign up?
Now that I've signed up, what should I do first?

Supplier Compatibility

One of my preferred vendors isn't compatible with Vetcove. Is Vetcove adding more suppliers in the future?
Which distributor and supplier websites is Vetcove currently compatible with?
Is Vetcove a selling partner with all the suppliers listed on the website?
Am I permitted to use Vetcove to shop my suppliers?

Pricing and Availability Retrieval

Where do the prices come from on Vetcove?
Can I see what other clinics pay for a product, to know if our rep is giving us a good price?
Why can I only see prices from some suppliers?
Is Vetcove compatible with my special or group purchase organization (GPO) pricing?
Does everyone see the same prices that I see on Vetcove?
Why is one price taking a long time to load, or shows 'error' instead of displaying the price?
Why are some suppliers slower to load prices than others on Vetcove?
Does Vetcove have any influence over prices charged to my clinic?

Manufacturers on Vetcove

What role do manufacturers have on Vetcove?
How do I request a review be looked at by the Vetcove team for possible removal?
Is there a charge for manufacturers to participate in Vetcove?
I heard we can sell our product directly on Vetcove. Is that true?
How do I answer questions about products we manufacture asked by the community?
Can we remove product reviews on our products that are scathing or contain misinformation?
As a manufacturer, what advantages are afforded by representing my products on Vetcove?
Are there advertising opportunities available on Vetcove to get our product promoted to more clinics?

Help Guides

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